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Become a part of Google’s new Advertising technique relative to search engines – ‘Google Screened’ Badge in Local Services Ads (LSAs) for Law Firms.

Google’s LSA (pay-per-lead ads that appear at the very top of Google search results, even above the pay-per-click ads) are now available to attorneys only in select practice areas and geographic markets including Philadelphia and the West Coast.

These new LSAs will assist your law firm in gaining more recognition (and potential calls) from prospective clients in and around your local are

Here’s How LSAs Can Get Your Law Firm Ahead on Google and ensure that you are one of the priority firms audiences come across in their searches.

Local Service Ads are the first thing prospective clients see in Google’s search results when searching for an attorney. They come before pay-per-click (PPC) ads, organic search results…EVERYTHING.

Here is what you need to know about Google Local Service Ads:

  • They are only available to law firms that have been pre-vetted and verified by Google, and the ads will signify this status with a special “Google Screened” badge.
  • They lead to a page with helpful information people can use to assess your law firm (services, verification of passed background checks, reviews, etc.), helping them decide if they want to contact your practice.
  • With click-to-call functionality, prospects can contact your law firm straight through the ad, making it easier for them to act right then and there.
  • Your law firm pays a flat fee for each call instead of each click, giving you greater control over your advertising costs and allowing you to pay only when they generate a lead.
  • LSAs are a fast way to find a trusted, local attorney
  • Legal LSAs determine ad placement based on factors like proximity and online reputation to give potential clients access to the best attorneys in their area.

As Google rolls out this new advertising channel to more legal fields and markets, consumers across the nation will start viewing LSAs as a go-to resource for finding local attorneys they know they can trust.

Why your firm should act NOW

As the world’s largest search engine, and the leading platform law firms use to increase their visibility online, Google tends to launch advertising initiatives that become the golden standard for modern-day legal marketing. As a result, thousands of attorneys will be jumping on this opportunity to maximize their exposure through LSAs—and you do not want your firm to get left behind.

If your law firm is already eligible for these types of ads, you should start your verification process with ACE immediately so we can begin launching an LSA campaign and secure your firm’s position at the top of the results page.

Or, if you are not eligible yet, Local Service Ads are at least worth looking into so you are ahead of the game when Google decides to expand the program to your practice area and local market.

Here are some FAQs and their answers…

What is the “Google Screened” badge and why does it matter for law firms?

The purpose of the badge is to show prospective legal clients that an advertised law firm has been thoroughly vetted by Google in an extensive screening process to help them find trustworthy and reputable local attorneys. The badge helps boost the attorney’s credibility, making it easier for them to attract calls and new clients.

How does an attorney get a “Google Screened” badge?

When an attorney applies to advertise their law firm through the LSA program, they must verify that they have a minimum of a 3.0-star rating online, and undergo background checks and meet other requirements as outlined below:

Background check requirements:

  • Business check
  • Owner check
  • Insurance requirements:
    • Malpractice insurance – where applicable by state law
  • License requirements:
    • State bar license checks for each lawyer in the firm

What if the LSA program is not available yet for my practice area or city?

Just because your firm does not qualify today does not mean you won’t be able to benefit from the LSA program in the near future. Google will be rolling out the program to more legal markets over time, so it is still important to keep new ways of advertising on your radar and check back with ACE periodically to confirm whether Google has launched LSA in your area.

Because Google is still in the early stages of launching its legal LSAs, the “Google Screened” badge is currently only being shown in 1% of legal LSAs. However, Google plans to ramp up the use of the badge over time. As the rollout comes closer to reaching 100%, the badge will become much more visible to Google searchers who see legal LSAs in their search results.

If you are interested in finding out more about Google Screened and having ACE begin your vetting process, please contact us at 888-ACE-5109.

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