Law Firm Marketing: The Best Practices for Law Firm Web Design

Websites have become a staple marketing tool for companies, including law firms. The better user experiences your law firm website offers, the better will be your engagement and conversion rates. We have compiled the best practices to make your website a vital part of law firm marketing and a profitable investment for you.

Law Firm Marketing: The Best Practices for Law Firm Web Design

Websites have become a primary marketing tool for all institutions, including law firms. In fact, a recent survey indicates that 100% users look up websites of comparable law firms for evaluating and comparing their skills and services and 90% of respondents say attorney biographies sections on websites influenced their ultimate engagement decision.

It follows that your law firm website design and architecture should be appealing and contemporary. Moreover, its content should be optimized and organized such that potential clients and search engines can find the information they are looking for efficiently. The better user experiences your legal website offers; the better will be your website’s engagement and conversion rates.

We have compiled best practices to make your legal website a vital part of law firm marketing strategy and a great resource for visitors and a profitable investment for you:

Give a Contextual Tagline

Your home page is the most important page on your lawyer website. It should provide your services and expertise as concisely as possible. The best way to highlight your proficiency is to put it into the page’s tagline. This will not only help new visitors understand your proposition but also help web crawlers in indexing your page for relevant keywords for search engine optimization purposes.

Have a Dedicated “About Us” Section

Give a detailed description of your key services, practice areas, and attorney biographies in the About Us section. A menu item leading to it should be visible on every page to make your law firm’s website user-friendly.

Use the Search Option Wisely

A website search option is extremely helpful for users. The predictive search feature will auto-suggest search options as searchers are typing. You can also use tools to smartly manipulate search results such that your top attorneys or services will figure among the top results. A smart search will auto-correct typo errors much as Google does and users love it.

Publish Complete Contact Details

The footer of each page usually contains contact details and social media buttons. Mention contact address, phone number, email address, and business hours here. The Contact Us page can have more details and a contact form. If you have many attorneys working for you, it’s best to maintain a staff directory with all contact information.

Customer Testimonials are a Must

Video or textual testimonials from clients you’ve served are a powerful social proof of your competency and customer satisfaction. Make sure these find a prominent place on your homepage and aren’t buried deep where no one can see them.

Display Latest Updates, Posts, and Resources

Promote your firm’s achievements and news on every page by displaying snippets with images. Each item should have a clickable Read More option. Try keeping visitors engaged by making actionable web pages.

Keep the Navigation Intuitive

The Information architecture of your website should be simple to understand. Research shows web users are most comfortable with websites having layouts they are most familiar with. Have a few basic menu items at the top and clearly segmented submenus under each.

Integrate User Tracking Features

Website designers use tools to track visitors to their website. Then they follow each visitor through the web to gather more information about their interests, demographics, and other details. Using this advance feature, your website doubles up as a sales team giving you lists of prospects that you can convert into leads and customers with targeted campaigns.

Maintain a Blog Section

Websites posting regular blogs have known to increase their website visitor engagement and web traffic exponentially.  If you have helpful content on your website, visitors may subscribe to your newsletters or register on your website or post queries for legal advice. All these can help you cultivate trust with visitors and will lead to quicker conversion.

Make Your Website Screen Device Agnostic

Your website design should adapt to all screen sizes and devices- PC, laptop, tablets, smartphones, and even wearable devices. A website whose layout and navigation gets skewed when users switch devices are very frustrating.

To Sum Up…

A small investment in legal website design can give handsome returns in the form of visitor loyalty, online prominence, and client satisfaction. A great website experience can up your sales rates by almost 20%. And the good news is that a smartly designed website needs little maintenance and ongoing expenditure. A great one-time investment with lifetime returns!

If you are looking to increase your ROI and gain new clients for your law office, investing in law practice web design can go a long way. Advisory Concept Evolvers can help you with the design process of creating a custom website.  For a free consultation, contact us at 215-510-2167 to find out how we can help you turn your attorney website into the best law firm website.

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