Legal Marketing Technique: Live Chat & Phone Calls to Gain New Leads

There are so many ways to gain new leads and clients for any industry these days. When it comes to legal marketing, the newest discovery that helps gain new clients is the usage of live chats and phone calls!

Gain New Leads with Chat & Phone Calls  

There are a number of ways to generate new leads for your law firm, such as networking and email marketing. However, you can’t forget about phone calls and live chat. Making phone calls, whether cold calls or follow up calls, is nothing new.

Yet, with the electronic presence businesses have today, speaking to a live person still welcomed. This is not to put live chat down; it is a great source for leads. Let’s break both of these methods down.

Chat Provides Immediate Help

Using chat is a great way to start a conversation, but you don’t want to solely focus on it. Live chat lawyers do drum up new leads, which may cause other marketing methods (i.e., phone calls) can fall by the wayside if not equally utilized. The big issue with live chat is that it can be a distraction.

It can distract a visitor on a website by how the chat platform works. Does it drop down? Or suddenly pop up?

You don’t want to make the live chat too intrusive, like a pop-up ad. And we all know what we do with the pop-up ads – we click on the “x” to get rid of them.

That being said, live chat has come a long way since it first came out. It’s perceived as the modern version of a phone call, as they provide immediate communication.  

Other Bonuses of Using Chat

    • Saves money. Chat software is cheaper than phone expenses, especially when calling internationally. It cuts down interaction time and costs.

A person can handle more than one chat at a time. Also, there is no dealing with wrong phone numbers or bad phone connections.

    • Creates confidence. People want answers instantly from someone they can trust. With a chat, a salesperson/lawyer can walk a client through the process of becoming a client or answer questions. It’s also easier for the potential client on the chat to take notes.

    • Eases frustration. Legal marketing workers scour social media for leads – people posting about their legal problem. While on a chat, a lawyer can research a problem for a customer and provide guidance (data) that will calm the person down. Chats should be 24/7, so a person can get an answer instead of a voicemail message.

After all, a legal issue can happen at any time. Also, chats are a great way for lawyers to get feedback on how to improve their law firm (i.e., customer service).

There are a number of chat packages to choose from. Be sure to choose the right one through research – reviews on ease of use, integration and best interface.

Using Phone Calls in Legal Marketing

Phone calls are still a tried-and-true method of connecting with a potential client. To incorporate it into your marketing plan would be to allot some time during the day to call clients for feedback, potential clients from the social media and current clients as follow-ups.

Another way to secure leads is through call tracking. This allows you to track who has called your office after visiting your website. They provide valuable data, such as where the call was placed from and how long the call lasted.

Or you can use a dynamic phone number insertion (DNI). This measures your digital efforts on an inbound phone call. It’s also a great way to measure ROI.

The pluses of using phone call is that a person speaks to a live human being. The caller can sense the sincerity of the person on the other end of the line, which can attract or lose a client.

There are no distractions as with chats. The minuses are that there can be a long wait time, the call going to voicemail or connection issues.

Chat & Phone Calls: A Powerful Duo

Live chats and phone calls are valuable parts of a legal marketing plan. They do complement each other in helping a caller understand how your law firm can help them in a timely manner. Phone calls and chats can be tracked just like other digital marketing efforts (i.e., SEO), which provides leads.

One must not forget phone etiquette, which applied to chats too. Always speak with a “smile.” It may sound silly, but when you smile when talking, you sound more positive.

People are nervous when contacting a law firm, so putting them at ease is imperative. You should provide a short introduction, which helps with your branding. You don’t want to put the caller offer by talking too much about your law firm and too little about their problem.

The team at ACE know all of the proper techniques your law firm needs when it comes to having the proper tone, attitude, and etiquette, so you can gain as many new leads and clients as you deserve!

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