Why is Listing Management Important for Law Firms?

You are visiting an unfamiliar place or are on vacation and need to find the nearest gas station as soon as possible because your tank is running low. You do a quick internet search and find one three miles away; unfortunately when you get there, you only see remnants of what used to be an operational gas station. This is an all too familiar feeling and is one of “Google’s greatest fear(s)” because this type of experience is something that will cause a user to stop using their service.

Google Needs To Be Able to Trust Your Law Firm’s Information

Great Legal Marketing starts with Google, Bing and other search engines trusting that your information is relevant, up to date, and accurate because this is the information their users will be seeing, and it develops an excellent reputation for your law firm. For your law firm to appear on Google’s Map results, you need to maintain accurate, consistent, and complete information for directory listings to use, even on web directories that you have never used or heard of before.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts teach that ensuring the name, phone number (NAP data), address, and URL information about your law firm is accurate and consistent across the web is critical for search ranking. Focusing on the accuracy of your firm’s NAP data across search results and websites has been foundational to successful law firm marketing.

Send the Right Signals

According to recent surveys, marketing for law firms has performed at the highest levels in local searches and directory sites when its website content and content across the web is consistent. Both search engines and potential clients will view your law firm website as the most authoritative source of information, but as information seeps through to web crawlers, software bots will analyze every piece of information out there to determine how reliable and consistent information is online. Google My Business is also part of the user experience that potential clients use for relevant information and contact details.

So, if Google’s crawlers find matching information across the internet, they will send a signal to the search engine that your firm’s data is reliable and has real value. On the other hand, if conflicting information is found, the search engine will struggle to determine which information is correct and which is not, thus creating a negative signal. If a search engine sees your information to be unreliable, it will likely devalue your business listings for local searches because it does not want to risk providing inaccurate information to its users. The result of a negative signal can significantly impact small law firm marketing because they rely heavily on exposure through local searches.

Find Your Law Firm’s Information and Make It Match

It is impossible to manually track down a lot of your online data by performing exact searches. Therefore, it may make sense to delegate this task to a third party service like Advisory Concept Evolvers (ACE). We will provide and maintain accurate listings services with up to date information about your law firm. Your firm will be assigned a representative who will enter your information into a central data center to perform an internet scan for your firm’s information. The return data will be compared and checked for accuracy.

After the information has been compiled ACE can instantly provide the accurate information to search engines sites such as Google, Apple, Yahoo, Yelp, etc.

This service eliminates the time-consuming nature of manual searches and data entry. It increases your firm’s accuracy with provided information online and reduces the risk of duplicate listings for your firm. ACE will also offer you with alert notifications when conflicting information appears online so that it can be suppressed or updated accordingly.

ACE will be able to quickly make changes across multiple databases instantaneously and simultaneously which makes changes to your data secure and efficient. Are you a small business owner that needs to update your holiday hours or travel related closures for a short period? Our services allow you to do this across a network with a single entry and we can quickly return your information whenever you are back on a regular schedule.

Let Us Worry About Your Online Listings Management

Management of online directories for your law firm is essential for your website’s local SEO efforts (and local directories) and your firm’s ability to appear in local searches. This will directly affect traffic to your site and your ability to develop new clientele. ACE makes this process easy as we will provide your information to potential clients and make sure that the information is displayed correctly across various online databases. You will see an increase in your firm’s local search rankings and an increase in high-quality, potential clients. As we update your data, you can focus on what matters most, your clients.

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